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Tired of the Same Old Crap on the Radio? Listen to Deep Tracks with Dave Devereaux

Saturday at 7 pm on RockU.FM.

Dave has been a Radio Pro since 1982 got so tired of playing the same old crap he decided to pimp out his own Deep Cuts Show! He can be heard all over the world on RockU.FM from Canada and streaming all over the world. As Dave would tell you, "....its just good music! I am all over the map and so is the music..." You never know what he will play next. That's the way it should be!

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Live shows, and Classic Rock, Soul, and Bluse

24/7/365 on RockU.FM.

Tired of hearing the same few dozen songs, day after day, year after year? Tune in to RockU.FM where we have THOUSANDS of songs in our rotation. We promise that every hour, you will hear a great hit that you probably haven't heard in a while. All free, all the time.

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